Most executives don’t pay attention to supply-chain management until something goes wrong.

You cannot de-risk an entire supply-chain. There is weather risk, geopolitical risk, and human error. You can however take a pro-active approach to outlining and identifying risk along your supply-chain to make it more resilient.

To increase the quality of your end-to-end supply-chain, 4D Asia can apply a systematic approach to identify top risks and dangers, and optimize manufacturing and supply networks. We can help ensure the availability of supply, achieve better cost savings and minimize quality and compliance issues.

These well-known publications have this to say about supply-chain risks:

‘Regardless of the product, it is your job to make sure your Chinese supplier is licensed to manufacture and export the product you are buying from it and to make sure that the product you are buying went through proper Chinese government inspection before export. You cannot rely on your Chinese supplier for any of this. When someone gets injured from your product in the United States, it will be you who is sued, not the Chinese company that actually made it.’ – Quality Digest

‘Buying directly from suppliers can save you money if everything goes smoothly, but it also leaves you open to the risk of being scammed or not getting your money back if the products turn out to be of poor quality.’ – Forbes

‘Outsourcing operations can be a cost-effective move, but if companies are not aware of the inherent risks, that move could end up costing more than the anticipated savings’, ‘Hits to the brand can come from almost any area of the business, but nowhere are those risks more prevalent than deep within the supply-chain’ Risk Management Magazine

‘Establish “guanxi” — roughly translated as “relationships” in Chinese — at all points of a supply-chain. Establishing guanxi can open doors for a small-business operator looking to outsource manufacturing in China, minimize obstacles and smooth the flow of products through the points of the supply-chain.’ –

We understand exactly what is needed from every stage of the supply-chain process.

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