We work in partnership with our customers according to strict confidentiality agreements and licensing requirements. As such, we cannot divulge their names here, but you can rest assured that we’ll exercise the same discretion if we work with you.

Phase One
This phase usually involves stepping into our customers’ existing supplier relationships and taking over as one key point of contact – troubleshooting problems, facilitating communication, providing reliable advice and moving things forward

Phase Two
Here, we assist our customers to develop new or alternate sources of supply to diversify their supply portfolios and decrease risk. We do this on an open book basis with no hidden agendas or tying arrangements. We then navigate the difficult processes of product development, production, quality control, testing and planning so you have as few surprises as possible.

Phase Three
The final phase includes assistance with logistics. We can provide our own in-house logistics services including inventory management, fulfillment and door to door delivery. However, we generally find it is better to resolve sourcing and production issues first before taking over this last, albeit extremely important, aspect of supply chain management.